CS-Script Source

This is the source code repository of the original CS-Script.

In 15 April 2014 (10 years after the first public release) CS-Script has been re-released under MIT license and since then its source code is hosted by this site (CodePlex Git).

At the time of creating this repository CS-Script has been downloaded 239,477 times world wide.

NOTE: this site is for source code and releases only. For the documentation and other product related information please visit CS-Script Home Page.

How to build binaries 

Source code includes <root>\Build\build.cmd, which builds all CS-Script binaries.

It also includes VS2012/2013 solution for building script engine executable and the class library assemblies to allow more convenient debugging, troubleshooting.  

How to install CS-Script on Windows 

You can download the package from the Downloads page and deploy the package conetent manually. Alsternatevely you can use Chocolatey. 

Chocolatey is the repository for the Windows software packages. Chocolatey NuGet is a Machine Package Manager, somewhat like apt-get, but built with Windows in mind.
It is also the source repository of the OneGet package manager of Windows 10.

CS-Script can be installed with the following command:  

C:\> choco install cs-script



Read more on Chocolatey and how to enable it on your version of windows here: https://chocolatey.org/ 

Note, by default support for C# 6.0 is disabled. Instructions on how to enable it can be found here: http://csscriptsource.codeplex.com/releases/view/616791 

How to host script engine in the application 

You can use Visual Studio console application project and NuGet package as the starting point. 

PM> Install-Package CS-Script



After installing the package the VS project will include the scripting.cs file containing the samples for all supported hosting scenarios.



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